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Equine Insurance | Australia
Equine Insurance | Australia



1. What types of cover are available for equine related business operators; self-employed and other people generally involved in equine activities (being occupations or pastimes)?

Income Protection for self-employed; business owners; & employed people.Business Expense cover for sole operators and small business owners.Life, Trauma and Permanent disability cover.Keyperson cover for capital and revenue protection purposes.   TOP



2. Which equine activities are insurable?

Generally speaking pleasure riders are not affected by most insurers' exclusions and loading on premiums to obtain complete coverage.EQUIRISK has negotiated special provisions for amateur competitors who can now obtain cover without exclusions and loading's These include Eventing; Dressage; Showing; Showjumping; Endurance riding, Campdrafting, Polo & Polocrosse.   TOP



3. Does this insurance cover me for injuries and illness, whether related to equine activities or not?

Yes, in respect of Income Protection cover is for injuries and illnesses, 24/7 world wide! Death cover, Trauma insurance and Permanent Disability cover is also a 24/7 coverage without limitations.  TOP



4. How is the income protection benefit calculated? and how long will it pay me for if I am unable to work in my own occupation?

Income protection will cover you for up to 85% of declared income (incl super). Within this level of cover you will chose the level of cover you wish to take out.Some self-employed people need to combine Income Protection with Business Expense cover so as to ensure they obtain the best coverage.Benefits are payable for 2, 5 years or up to age 65. Some professional occupations can obtain cover to age 70. TOP



5. How are premiums calculated and payable?

Premiums are calculated by using your age, smoking status and occupation (if applicable) with level of cover and period of benefit payable.You can chose to pay the premiums monthly, six-monthly or yearly. Direct debit, direct credit card or the option to pay by cheque where a yearly premium is chosen.  TOP



6. As a member of Equestrian Australia am I doubling up on insurance?

No, the group coverage available with your membership is limited to certain activities and at specified events. Its designed to be a broad offer to all members, so cannot be as extensive as personal insurance.EQUIRISK policies are backed by secure life insurers who have guaranteed renewable wording, which means your policy terms cannot be altered once in place, even if your health deteriorates; you choose to reside overseas; or change occupations. It protects you 24/7 for INJURY & ILLNESS!  TOP



7. How is EQUIRISK paid for this service? Does this affect my premiums?

EQUIRISK is paid by the insurer - just as your car insurance has a commission, so do do our policies. If we provide you with personal advice we will obtain a commission for policies placed. In this situation we will collate your information, assess your needs, evaluate options and make recommendations. We confirm this advice and any commission received via the Statement of Advice issued to you. In addition, EQUIRISK has chosen to deliver claims management services to its clients without charge to you in your time of need.  TOP



8. Is EQUIRISK aligned with any insurer/s which may affect the advice provided?

No, we are not aligned with any insurers. We have a panel of insurers who have accepted our outlook for provision of insurance in a fair and equitable manner for all people and business owners in the equine field who are otherwise not represented.Insurer policies differ in their application, so we recommend the one/s which suit you. This is how we tailor our advice to your specific needs.We will continue to negotiate outcomes that benefit the equine community with a panel of insurers, which may alter from time to time depending upon their commitment to our cause.  TOP



9. How do I claim a benefit?

You need to contact EQUIRISK directly to arrange a claim.Our extensive claims management experience is an advantage to you at this time. EQUIRISK will organize forms and follow up of all claims, big or small.We will act for you with your permission, and see the claim through to your satisfaction. Very few claims are not paid, unless the applicant has not disclosed matters which may add to the risk at application time, and that risk would not have been insurable.We will remove the stress from this process at time of claim so you can concentrate on your recovery  TOP



.*** This list is a cross section of FAQ's only. It is not advice as all situations require specific answers.​ If you have any questions you feel others may benefit from, please send them to us via our appraisal form and we will consider adding these to this list.If you have a specific question, again send it over via the contact tab.